2012. május 14., hétfő

Some new shitty

Hihi~ I'm here again~

I drew some new shit, so I uploade here :D
I started to watch this new anime, called Kuroko no Basuke. It's sooo coool. I really love basketball, this is my fav sport (I hate sports xD) One of main caharacter, Kagami... he is totally like my OC, Duncan xD He is so hot-headed and taaaaaaaaall, and he likes his belly (this is the right word? xD) and of course he totally loves basketball :la:
So when I watched the... 4th(?) episode, Kagami ripped of the basketball ring xD
I redrew it to Duncan xD

Aaaand this is my KHR OC, Annie in a sad momment D:

And... oh sorry Dx I did som RPC too T_T
She is my Soul Eater OC, Svea. She is a hot-headed chara (like me xD) but with her friends she is really nice.

Here is a half RPC thing xD Cos I can't draw pokemons xD So this is my Pokemon OC and her Poke team. (I starting to get bored that some of my OCs looks like me... Dx )
And some RPC for my friends :la:

Okay I think that's all xD

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